Course Topics

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Financial Independence

Many people think financial independence means having a large sum of money. We have found that true financial independence is better defined as a relationship between a person’s assets (and productive capacity) and his or her desired lifestyle. When these elements are in balance, the person is financially independent.

Balancing Assets & Needs

Many wealthy investors do not understand how to balance their assets with their lifestyle needs. They have busy schedules and don’t have sufficient time to acquire the knowledge and the tools needed to establish goals that consider their personal values and long-term strategies. Plus, the “noise” in the marketplace created by financial professionals and the media can be distracting and confusing when attempting to plan for the future

Unbiased & Confidential

All advice given in this course is unbiased.  All information that you provide in this course is strictly confidential. Any documents that you fill out during this course are for your benefit, and only you and your instructor will see them. At the end of the five class sessions, we offer two optional consultations with the class instructor(s). At this time, the instructor(s) will go over the information you have provided and give you personal, unbiased advice based on your personal and financial situation

Solicitation Free Environment

The Wealth That Lasts course is a solicitation-free environment where a premium is placed on confidentiality. Our instructors' sole purpose is to educate.


“After the first class, it was clear to us that Mr. Bancroft was extremely knowledgeable in the field of investments and financial planning. We were equally impressed with the way he communicated the information in a positive, friendly, and entertaining way that was both informative and helpful to our improved understanding of these important issues.”

“The study materials he provided were excellent and we still refer to them.”

“We would not hesitate to take another such course of study.”

“Following the sale of a significant amount of real estate I realized I needed to learn more about investing. I turned to a UCLA Extension course catalog and decided that the course being offered by Bob Bancroft covered all the aspects of investments in which I was interested. I was not disappointed. The lectures were well prepared and each class had the appropriate slides, graphs and other materials pertinent to the subject being discussed. I know I gained a lot of useful knowledge by attending Bob Bancroft’s class, and even today I often refer to the materials which I received during the class.”