Frequently Asked Questions: 

What do I need to bring to class?

We provide you with the following items:

  • Binder with professionally prepared lecture notes ​

  • Binder with class worksheets, articles, and case studies

  • Winning the Loser's Game by Charles Ellis 

  • Asset Allocation by Roger Gibson

  • Additional items to bring (optional)

  • Laptop or iPad for note taking 

  • Pens, Highlighters

  • How many participants per class?

    We limit the class size to 25 students.  This ensures that we are able to provide the proper amount of personal attention.

    Why is the course called “Wealth That Lasts?”

    "From shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations” is known as a Scottish proverb; but after years of reading, versions have appeared in virtually every culture including Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. The point of the saying is that one generation earns a fortune without changing its values, goals or customs. The next generation inherits wealth and adapts its values, goals and customs to it. The third generation, not understanding where the wealth came from or how it is to be maintained, squanders it, leaving itself and the next generation to start over. We believe this pattern points to the need for wealth owners to understand their values, goals, and personal circumstances and to use those as drivers for their wealth management strategies. Our instructors feel that these strategies need to be put into writing and communicated to everyone involved either immediately or in the future.

    All levels of experience are represented in this class, from those with no experience to those who have been responsible for managing their family’s wealth for decades. We gradually increase the sophistication level of the class material to make certain that no one is left behind. Instructors work hard to avoid industry jargon and instead speak in plain English. Instructors are also available for questions in person before class, during breaks, and after class, or they can be reached through the Contact page -here- on Each instructor's email can also be found at this -link-.

    We have owned our business for more than three decades and received the “offer that we couldn’t refuse.” Now we are charged with the responsibility of managing this “new business” and neither of us has any confidence that we know exactly what we are doing. How can this course help us?

    As we say in most of our literature, managing wealth is a business; and therefore, we hope to teach people how to manage wealth like a business. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools and framework for you to confidently manage your financial team. We also hope to help you understand how to objectively monitor your performance regardless of what’s happening in the world.

    Who is the class intended for? You mention that it is exclusively for the “high net worth investor,” how do I know if we qualify?

    For purposes of this course, “high net worth” is defined as an individual having investable assets of $5 million or more or families having investable assets of $10 million or more.

    What costs are involved with course completion?

    The course fee is $995, which includes all books, worksheets, lecture notes, and other materials necessary for successful course completion.

    How much time does the course take?

    The Wealth That Lasts course is a five-week course with one class per week. The duration of each class is 2 ½ hours, resulting in a five-week course total of 12 ½ hours. Reading, homework, etc should take an additional one to two hours per week. The optional consultations are typically an hour each, which is two additional hours. The total commitment is approximately 25 hours.

    What should we expect?

    Please click on this link: –Class Overview–.  This should answer your questions.

    Can I access instructors outside of class?

    Yes, all contact information for every instructor can be found -here-

    Do you ever teach in other areas? We are in Boston and would love a course like this but can’t attend in Scottsdale or Los Angeles.

    We don’t currently teach in areas other than Irvine, CA, Westwood, CA, Westlake Village, CA, and Las Vegas, NV, but we have considered several other areas. If you have an area where you would like us to consider, please email or call us. If you have a private group that would be interested in taking the course, we can discuss that as well.  We also offer abbreviated one or two day versions of the course to families or private groups.

    We have four families associated with our family office but can’t attend with this schedule. Can you teach an altered schedule or a private course?

    Yes, we have taught private classes in the past and intend to continue to do so in the future. Please contact us with your particular information and we will determine if we can accommodate the request.

    How are instructors chosen?

    We choose professionals that have a solid combination of academic and professional experience. We only select those that have experience in both areas because we feel that the combination of academic pursuit paired with hands on practical application yields the best results for participants.

    Will I be solicited if I attend this class?

    No, instructors are solely here to educate students. Wealth That Lasts is a solicitation-free environment. 

    Will we be expected to discuss private financial information in class?

    No, participants are allowed to discuss whatever they wish in class but are not required to do so by the instructors or other participants. For this reason, each student will have the opportunity to participate in two consultations with the instructor(s). These consultations were developed to help translate course material to suit the needs of the individuals involved. This consultation is also the time when participants have the opportunity to ask the questions that they may not have felt were appropriate for discussion in a group setting.

    Will our confidentiality be protected?

    Each participant who starts the consultation process will be given a confidentiality agreement. Only members of the immediate staff of Wealth That Lasts course will have access to the information and only for purposes of creating your Net Worth Statement, Allocation Spreadsheet, Allocation Analysis, and Investment Policy Statement.

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